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Monday, 8 April 2013

Vogue 1249 aka hot onsie love

Whats not to love about a wide leg jumpsuit with a boned bodice and ruffle along the bustline? only that you haven't made it yet!
Firstly, lets talk about how much this cost me.... NOTHING....Thats right ladies, this masterpiece of vintage delight was made from fabric that a student's mother found in her attic from her mother's stash and kindly donated to me. This fabric probably sat in my 'to do' pile for almost two years, it is just so special and I knew it had to have a special project to really get the joy from the colourful parrots. When another student was proudly showing me her recent projects from Vogue 1249 it was love at first sight!!

Pattern Deets:
Close-fitting (through bustline), partially interfaced, lined jumpsuit has back invisible zipper.

What were the instructions like?
I didn't actually have any instructions for this pattern so I can't comment on that but  it was very easy to construct even without them. 

I love almost everything about this pattern. Onsies are controversial and always create a bit of a divide but I think this one is fab - you could really change the look of it with a lighter, dressier fabric. I feel that the boning really pulls the bodice in nicely and gives a slim silhouette. The pattern does sew up a little large though  and to get this fitted I used 2 cm seams around the bodice. 

The original pattern is strapless but I wanted to make this appropriate to wear to class (there is a lot of bending down over people and strapless outfits could really take the class in a new and alarming direction!!) so I added thick straps to fit into the vintage style of the fabric. I didn't interface the bodice, I didn't feel it needed it as I was using a cotton fashion fabric and I used a cotton as lining.  
I also stitched my pleats down at the waist as I did feel the pleats when left tucked, created a bit of bulk in an area that I don't need any extra bulk added. It definitely gave it a more flattering line.

Wrap it up!

This is probably my favourite item of clothing I've made in a long time. Its really different and super flattering. It could be more subtle in a plainer fabric but for me, MORE IS MORE and its perfect!


  1. I love it when a project comes along for a certain fabric that you've been hoarding for ages, loving it, but not quite knowing what to do with it.
    I don't think my figure would let me rock a onesie/romper like you! And for now my baby bump would just get in the way anyway. lol.
    I've just started following you via bloglovin'... found you via Aussie Blogs to Love. I'll have to pop in to your shop if I'm ever near the city.
    Can't wait to checkout more of you blog.
    Cass x

    1. Well maybe it can be stored away in your inspiration pile until there's no baby bump... That can keep you going through the sleepness nights lol.
      So glad to have another follower via aussie blogs to love - great group and hopefully see more of you Cassandra!

  2. I have nominated you for a Liebster award, if you are interested the details are here.

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much... your questions aren't so hard that they'll keep me up at night so hopefully will post my response soon!!

  3. Awesome. Loving the bright orange accessories too.

    1. Thanks Erica - more is more and the brighter the better!! lol