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Monday, 1 April 2013

Hot pink polka dot shorts (burda Ruby #6005)

Pattern Deets:
Side button opening shorts with a cuff turn up from Burda (pattern only available in download)

What were the instructions like?
well.... anyone who has dared to make a downloadable pattern from Burda should either be a) a very experienced seamstress or b) foolishy brave. 
Mostly with Burda I don't bother trying to decipher their mysteries... I just go for it in the logical fashion and then give myself a good laugh by reading the instructions afterwards... you want me to put what, where??
I think the worst explained parts are actually the button tab - so I've included photos and instructions of my own below.

It's a super cute shorts pattern - I really like the side openings, They're a little different. You need to have your wits about you when lining up all the little intersections around the waistband/button facings but its worth it.

A painted drill from Spotlights.. $6.99 a metre I think.

I didn't bother with a welt pocket at the back as I wanted to sew these up pretty quickly. I lengthened the crotch as I found it a touch on the camel side. 

Would you sew it again? And tell others to?
I think I would recommend to intermediate seamstresses or people who have experience with Burda downloadable patterns. They are not a hard pair of shorts at all, but if you need to follow instructions, these will boggle your mind.

Wrap it up!
 cute shorts, terrible instructions, but a nice wardrobe builder and if you have a one step button hold function on your sewing machine you'll love these.

How to do the button tabs, Sew Gorgeous Style: 
Front button tab;
Right sides together, lay the button tab on the front of the shorts and stitch all the way down until .5cm from the bottom - you will then need to turn this facing inside the shorts  and press a 1 cm fold down the remaining long raw edge and a .5cm along the bottom raw edge. You will be TOPSTITCHING these from the front of the shorts. The easiest way to get this right is to draw your stitch line on the outside of the shorts with chalk. Use a ruler and make sure you will be catching your folded edge (you want to be at least .5cm in from the folded edge to allow room for error)

Back button facing;
Fold your piece in half lengthways and press. With right sides facing, stitch only ONE side of the facing to the back shorts piece, stopping .5cm from the bottom again. Stitch the short edge together in a .5cm seam to leave you a lovely tidy edge. Fold in the remaining raw edge by 1cm and topstitch from the outside of the shorts again.


  1. Hi!

    I'm Rosie (from Craftbotic). Firstly, I genuinely love these shorts. I have a massive thing for polka dots at the moment. The other thing is...I tried to email you about your Blog Angels choice but your email kept bouncing back. You got your second choice blog for Blog Angels. If you can't remember who this is, then drop me an email.

    1. Thanks for popping by Rosie! I appreciate your kind words - I have a massive thing about polka dots ALLLLL the time :)
      Thanks for the update on the blog angels, I do remember my second choice.

  2. Oh these shorts are stunning, I love them

  3. I agree wholeheartedly about not even bothering with the instructions. I recently downloaded a Burda pattern for a blazer and good lord I've had to get 3 sewing books out just to decipher the darn collar and lapel, the instructions are that bad. Cute shorts though!