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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Vogue 8280 in Amy Butler Gypsy

It was so difficult for me to find a photo appropriate for posting for this dress - my dearest friend was my photographer for these shots and in nearly every single photo I'm laughing so hard my face is the same colour as my hair... NOT a good look!!

Pattern Deets:

Fitted dress, lined bodice, back zipper closing with front flange.  Armhole and sleeve variations

What were the instructions like?

For a Vogue, The instructions were fine - I think the curved armhole strap thingy (the pattern calls it a flange but I just can't bring myself to!!) was explained well and is drafted really well. I didn't have any problems with any part of the pattern - although it has A LOT of ease -the bodice  needed to be taken in a lot to get the fitted look. 

I've made this dress a couple of times now as I find the neckline really flattering. I love the curved straps and shape of the skirt. 
It does sew up big, so you may end up going an entire size down. I strongly recommend making a mock up first with this pattern.
I would also recommend when doing the pleated skirt that you hem your skirt BEFORE you start making the pleats - the pattern has you doing them afterwards and its just all too bulky and fiddly for my liking.

I reduced the width of the sleeves by 2 INCHES... they are 80's queen huge. They are fairly complicated and add quite a lot more time to the overall time spent making the dress but I thought they were cute (although I possibly would just go with a cap sleeve on the next one) They would probably be a bit more striking on a plain fabric as it got a bit lost in my print.

Wrap it up!

Fabulous pattern for a dress that can look really formal in the right fabric - really flattering shape in both the skirt and the bodice. Totes worth the effort!!


  1. "Sew Gorgeous" says it all!

  2. I love that neckline, and that fabric!

  3. Ohhhhhh your fabrics always make me so jealous!
    I deff need alot more colour in my closet (I am still shaking off my all black from my teen years lol)

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Amber - I've seen your recent posts - you WILL have more colour in your closet any day now - just get sewing ;)

  5. That is such a great version of that pattern - you look great!