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Sunday, 7 July 2013


While I was in London I took the opportunity to visit the Liberty of London store. I was so excited about this place that I had written it on our 'itinerary' and hubby thought it was some sort of tourist attraction (which it probably is). 
From the moment you turn the corner into the street, this place blows you away. It is the most amazing looking store I've ever seen. 
This beauty is nestled between large boring corporate style buildings so it really stands out.

We all know the fabric is amazing but what surprised me was how amazing the actual store is. There are five levels to the store, all with different themes, around a central mezzanine. The streets around it are so crazy busy and the store itself was pretty busy too but its so full of beautiful things in such a beautiful setting that it's hard to remember you are in modern day London. 
It's also hard to remember that 22 pounds per metre is NOT the same as 22 australian dollars and that you don't need to buy everything in the store.

They had some pretty good specials on precut lengths of fabrics and it was super hard to decide what to buy.  Apart from fabric they have ready to wear clothes made out of their beautiful fabrics as well as ready to wear brands. 
In their bathroom/homewares section you could buy slippers, shower caps and curtains in their prints. My husband had to literally drag me from the store, as it was impossible to walk through it without finding something I NEEDED to buy. 

pre-made bias binding

So what did I buy? keep an eye out on the blog for outfit updates!!!


  1. Congrats on making it out alive!! That pound/aussie dollar thing is a killer, isn't it! Thanks for the beautiful pics of the building. Can't wait to see what you bought, and what you make!

    1. Thanks Helene - I tried really hard not to think about the conversion and just buy things I loved but its tough.
      Can't wait to get started sewing it all into beautiful clothes and sharing with you :)

  2. Excited to see what that bag contains. I used to live in London but this was before I started sewing and used to walk past this shop all the time, this makes me sad because I never know how much I NEEDED to go in there!

    1. well that's the best excuse for a trip back to London right??!!!