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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Free apron pattern!

I was more than happy to help my dear friend Ingrid from Finesse Cakes with a couple of aprons for her to wear at her market stall recently.
They turned out so super cute that I thought I would post the pattern here so everyone else can look just as stylish when they're baking!

Please note; This pattern is not to be used for resale purposes and if you do make one, I'd LOVE you to post a pic on my Facebook page! (Only one of those statements is legally binding!)

For the main part of the apron:
Cut one piece of fabric on the fold of fabric
42 cms along folded edge
25 cms along the top edge
29 cms along bottom edge
I then cut a curved edge along the bottom of the fabric as I thought it looked cuter

For ruffles/waistband/ties:
Ruffles: Cut three strips of fabric 16cm wide the width of your fabric (115 or 150)
Waistband: Cut one strip of fabric 15cm wide by 49cm long
Ties: Cut two strips 15cm wide by 63cm long

Stitch your three ruffle pieces together at the short edges so you have a really long piece of fabric, fold this in half lengthways and gather the long raw edge (this hides your seam allowances).
I used a rolled hem foot for my aprons, if you have one or have the dedication to do a rolled hem by hand, just half the width of the ruffle.

With right sides facing, adjust the gathers of your ruffle along the sides and bottom of your apron (raw edges matching) and stitch. Edge finish this seam with an overlocker/zig zag stitch or your pinking shears.
Top stitch the seam allowance to the main apron part - this keeps your ruffles turned out as they do have a tendency to fold in.

Gather the top of the apron to fit the waistband - make sure the seams of the waistband and ties are aligned right to the edge of the ruffle edges.
Stitch the waistband to the apron.

This is WITHOUT the ties to show you where to align the edges

Fold your ties in half lengthways and stitch the short edge and the long raw edge until you reach the waistband/ruffle. Be sure to clip the corner of the short edge.

Turn your ties inside out and press. This will have left you with a loose raw edge on the bottom of the waistband - turn this under so it is even with both ties and press. 
Top stitch from the front of the apron to catch the seam allowance and enclose the raw edge.

Voila!! you can now go off and look super adorbs while you bake something delicious.. or you can purchase it elsewhere and pretend to everyone you are superwoman who's hair remains perfect after baking all day.