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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Blog angels reveal!

Recently I shared with my Fb followers details on Craftbiotic's blog angel concept, which I took part in this month (info here)- Craftbiotic blog angels
As I am new to the blog world, I thought this might be a bit of fun and a good way of engaging and interacting with other new bloggers.
The first blog that I had on my list to spend the month loving was unfortunately a bit quiet and didn't post regularly enough for me to stalk on a weekly basis so I focussed my attentions on the wonderful
Sew Bambi Sew
I found Sew Bambi Sew through Amber's comments on my own page (I always look up and follow my commentors) and discovered we have very similar taste in patterns and fabric. I enviously looked at her vintage vogue patterns and we bonded over the delectable Vogues new book for better sewing (which I've looked for, for what seems like forever, and can never find OR I find it and balk at the cost - you want $400 for a book? does it sew the patterns for me??!!)

I may have started following Sew Bambi Sew as part of a collective project, but I will be continuing to follow Amber's sewing journey.

Head over to craftbiotic and get involved in their next blog angle month, its a fabulous way to connect with other like minded people.... and then head over to sew bambi sew and give Amber some blog love!!


  1. :D Well I got my jollies as I read this post in my email! Thankyou very much its been nice having someone actually read and comment on my blog, it keeps me going and this post gives me another boost to go on doing so :) :)


    1. I'm so glad to hear that Amber! definitely keep it up - sometimes it feels like you're out in the wild on your own but you are connecting with people - AND you're inspiring people too :)
      I think we should do a blog sewalong - we have so many of the same patterns!