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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Combo Combo!! Burda 7494 and Vogue 8280

How to make a lazy girl happy? combine your two favourite dresses and add a little something something so you don't even need to accessorise! out of bed and out the door in 2.4 seconds flat!

About a year ago, we moved into our current house and it wasn't until I was packing and unpacking that I realised I had a pretty major problem... I'm addicted to fabric. So I set myself a new rule - no more buying any new fabric until the old ones were done (honestly, hasn't worked out so well but I'm getting there! if people could stop making such gorgeous fabrics that would help a lot, thanks). This blue fabric had been something that I kept looking at and wanting to make, but just never got around to as there wasn't really enough fabric to make a full dress. 

Pattern Deets:

A combination of my two favourite patterns - Burda 7494 (top) and Vogue 8280 (Skirt)


Apart from the fabric being too crinkly (I did iron for the pictures I swear!) there is affection all round for these patterns. Its super cute and the best of them both. 


Well, apart from the obvious pattern merging, I added exposed bias binding to the armholes with my trusty new binding foot! (tutorial to follow) and added in a waistband in contrasting colour.  When adding a waistband to a dress that previously did not include one, be sure to cut the height of the waistband from the top of the skirt  to insure skirt still sits where it should (if waistband is 5 cm high, cut off the top 5 cm from your skirt)

Would you sew it again? And tell others to?

Absolutely! You can never have too many col Claudine (Peter Pan collar) in your wardrobe right?!

Wrap it up!

Don 't be afraid to mix and match your patterns! Don't wait for the pattern companies to show you what you want - make it yourself! Not all of them will work out, but when it does, you can feel happy knowing you've got a really original piece.

In other news - have y'all seen Gerties Butterick 5882?

I die......
Could someone make this immediately so I can live vicariously through them? I've just started a relationship with her coat and I don't think we'll be breaking up any time soon - just hope I get it done before winter!

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  1. I am tempted to to buy the Gertie pattern, but am unsure about how a self bust would sit on me. Starting to think you pattern collection may be as big as your fabric hoard??