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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mccalls 5523 - the Sew Gorgeous 'learn to sew' skirt

For those of you that have attended or are thinking about attending my Learn to Sew classes this post is all about the pattern we use in class - McCall 5523. 

skirt is a six piece straight front skirt with a flounce (ruffle) panel at the back which not only provides a little interest to your skirt, it makes you look like a highly talented seamstress who can manage technically difficult seams and additions!

I chose this pattern for the learn to sew classes as it has a lot of techniques to teach the beginner seamstress - you will learn not only how to construct a garment but you will also learn how to do a gathering stitch, learn about facing and how to understitch it (which keeps it nicely tucked away on the inside) as well as how to install an invisible zip (lollies on hand to help ease the stress levels) and how to "fit" your garment  amongst lots of other handy techniques!

In terms of the pattern this isn't the most basic of skirts, there are easier patterns but is a pattern that is easily adjusted to be any kind of style if you prefer a different shape. I think its important that beginners learn the techniques that will allow them to challenge their own skills as they get braver and start sewing different projects. 
Unlike a lot of beginner patterns, this particular pattern does use an ease stitch along the top of the skirt before attaching the facing. This technique allows you to have a slim fitting skirt around your hips as well as your waist without having the skirt too tight across your bum. Its an extra step that I believe gives you a much better fitting skirt at the end of it. 

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